The stage is yours. And it looks great.

100% space for your website or online store, specially packed into your application. We’ll wrap your URL (for example, into a one full-screen application. No browser address bar, no bottom panel buttons. Only your content in a full size, such as it should be.

  • Great user experience
  • 100% screen space on your smartphone
  • No sidebars or navigation bars
app for e-commerce example
native dialogs example

Native dialogues. Great response.

Do you want to thank the user for downloading your application, or ask if he wants to rate it? Easy. The most popular native dialogs are available directly in the application. You can also send the user a suggestion to switch to your social network, for example “follow on Facebook”, or any other message.

  • Dialog boxes: “Thanks for downloading” & “Rate this app?”
  • Configure how to handle external URLs
  • Instant response

Your app will look always great. Even if your user is offline.

Don’t confuse your user with “Page cannot be accessed.” warnings. Show them a great offline screen instead which includes a “Try again” button to make sure they are online in your app right in the moment when they reconnect to the internet.

  • Continous internet connection check
  • Offline screen with customizable icon and texts
  • Working “Try again” button
no connection notice iphone x
local push notifications example

Make local push notifications. Easily.

If you need to notify the user at a specific time, even when the application is closed. The quick and easy setting of local push notifications works just fine. Remind the user of your company, provide a personal discount, or tell to user about a new promotion.

  • Tell about a new discounts and promotions
  • Text your own push notifications
  • Set a specific time for notification

Apps already in use by our customers

Mobile app for people's choice

People’s Choice

The application of the beauty studio “People’s Choice” allows the user to sign up for the service online.


App Store

Printui mobile app


The application of the online store “Printui” is perfectly optimized, fully operational and works very quickly.


App Store

Google Play

Mobile app for imageshost

Image’s Host

“Image’s Host” service app allows you to share photos without losing image quality and it’s very practical.


Google Play

The product is amazing. The pricing too.

App for iOS
$199 per month
  • Publication at the App Store
  • Description of the application, screenshots
  • High download speed
  • Perfect stability
  • Offline screen, dialogs
  • The personal manager
App for Android
$199per month
  • Publication at the Google Play
  • Description of the application, screenshots
  • High download speed
  • Perfect stability
  • Offline screen, dialogs
  • The personal manager